Insecurity In The North Should Be Blamed On The Government – Arewa


Following cases of insecurity across the country, especially in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, the National Publicity Secretary of the Arewa Consultative Forum, Emmanuel Yawe, has reportedly opined that the government should be blamed for the spate of insecurity and kidnappings in the North.

According to reports, Yawe made this known in an interview, reportedly condemning the rising killings by gunmen in Kaduna, Katsina and Niger states.

According to him, “We have always condemned these killings and never supported this kind of barbarism. They are even killing students, who are the future of the whole country, and this is more telling here in the North, where education is backward; they go to schools and they just kidnap students, carry them to the bush as if they are wild animals and slaughter them.”

He probed that, “Who in his sane mind will support that kind of horror? We condemn these killings in clear terms and we have always done that.”

He added that, “This menace has persisted in the North, because the solution lies with the government. The government has the responsibility to secure every Nigerian. This is well stated in the 1999 Constitution that the primary responsibility of the government is to secure lives and property, so when lives and property of Nigerians are not secure, there is no other person to blame but the government.”

He posited that, “The insecurity we are facing today should be blamed on the government. Do not blame the ACF, or Ohanaeze or Afenifere, because we do not have any power.”

 He remarked that, “Of course, we support community policing or anything that will bring security. During the First Republic, the North used to have authority police, who were native enforcers of the law called Yanduka, so why should we not have that again? Even the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, who is a northerner, has said the Nigeria Police should be deregulated and he has advocated this so many times, so we are receptive to the idea.”



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