Insecurity: Army Cry Out Over High Rate Of Injured Soldiers

Following the fight against insurgency, the Nigerian military has disclosed that about 7,043 soldiers who were  either wounded by bandits or insurgents in the last few years, has so far been treated and discharged at the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, in Kaduna.

This was reportedly disclosed by the acting Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Colonel Stephen Onuchukwu, while receiving the leadership of the Senate, led by its President, Ahmad Lawan.

During the visit the Senate President reportedly donated N10m to the hospital’s authorities on behalf of the Senate for the treatment of the injured military personnel, adding  that the country had not experienced the type of the current insecurity since the end of the civil war.

According to him, “Since the war against insurgency started about 7, 403 wounded in action military personnel, have been evacuated to this hospital for very urgent medical attention . While some of such wounded personnel got treated and discharged with different forms of deformities, some are maimed for life .”

He added that, “Those in this category are the ones with spinal cord injury being assisted with urethral implant for them to urinate. Some of them also have their legs and hands cut off as a result of cancerous injuries sustained at the battle fronts.”

He also made it known that, “These are aside others, being rehabilitated from physical, emotional and psychological injuries.”

In his remarks, the Senate President said the military was engaging in the most serious warfare since the civil war.

He said, “After the civil war in Nigeria, I dare say that there was never a time the military is involved in some type of warfare than this time.

In reaction to this, the Senate President said, “Our armed forces deserve all the support from all the citizens of Nigeria because they are fighting on our behalf.”

Lawan said, “To do otherwise is to be unfair to the armed forces. Our expectations as citizens are very high and therefore we have to give the armed forces what they require, we may not be able to give everything because we don’t have enough but we must as a country put in more resources because everything rests on peace and security.”

He also stated that, “I want to assure you once more that beyond the supplementary budget, in 2022, we will provide more resources for our armed forces and I hope that the armed forces will be prioritised.”

He also disclosed that, “The wounded offices must be treated properly. It will boost the morale of those that are there to fight. So we have every reason to make sure that hospitals like this are properly provided for.”

Lawan stressed further that, “The country’s mounting security would expose the military personnel to different forms of injuries, thus the need for more medical facilities to cater for the needs of wounded soldiers. We can’t expect so much from you and give you little. That will be unfair.”

He also disclosed that, “Our armed forces deserve the support of all Nigerians. We have to give them adequate resources to protect the country because everything needs peace and security.”

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