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“I Ran 1.5km To Avoid Being Killed By Gunmen” – Governor Ortom

Following reports that Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom was almost assassinated by gunmen yesterday, the Governor himself has  narrated how he escaped being killed on Saturday. 

According to him, “I appreciate the security personnel attached to me. They were able to repel the attackers, so they could not have access to me. I thank God for my fitness to have run for more than one-and-a-half kilometres without stopping. It means that God has given me strength. I’m grateful to God”.

According to reports, Ortom, said he had to call for reinforcement from security agents, as he could no longer go to the farm in peace despite the security agents with him.

Ortom added that,  “Like I always say, my life is in the hands of God, not in any Fulani man’s or anyone else’s hands whatsoever. I still remain firm. I will fight for truth, equity and fairness till when God permits that I will not be here again”.

He asserted that, “It is only God who can permit my exit from this earth, not any Fulani man. I want to say it boldly they will continue to fail just like they did today. I had an intelligence report before that these people said that they were going to kill my security aides and then capture me alive and give me a slow killing”.

Ortom revealed that, “They came out with a statement. I was alarmed. They singled me out as the only person who is creating problems for the entire Fulani race. I also heard that at their meeting, I was targeted for elimination. I got information that they would go after me wherever I go, whether at home, in my home, farm, anywhere”.

The Governor however made it known that, “We are not against the Fulani people who legitimately want to do their business here, including cattle rearing. But you must ranch. That is the law and we are in a democratic era”.

The Governor called on President Muhammadu Buhari to fish out his attackers, and he also promised to file a suit against the leadership of the Miyetti Allah.

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