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I Didn’t Sell Out – Cryptocurrency

All the crypto enthusiasts, traders and educators have come to understand the meaning of Bloody Monday/Tuesday which is sometimes referred to as red sea or red ocean.  

This week was a classic example of FOMO and FOBO as work. People panic and started selling in DIP like they were trading stocks. Meanwhile, crypto enthusiasts were busy acquiring in DIP which kept the market floating and resilient.

The Whales wanted to crash the market, targetted dumps to cause fear and panic. Although, the amateurs were cut in the arena selling at the wrong time. What these whales and sharks fell to understand is that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and the people are more enlightened than 3 years ago.

The market cap fell from 1.8Trillion Dollars to 1.3 Trillion dollars just within 48 hours. The mad rush to sell kicked in, FOMO took over the situations and all heads got loose. 

I don’t know how anyone can believe that a 1.8 trillion Dollars market can just disappear overnight. The more the DIP, the more people acquire… It’s just common sense.

Well, this morning we finally have “Green Sea“, excited and bullish… I was buffering but I didn’t sell out. Crypto is here to stay.

About the author

John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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