“I Curse The Root Of Your Money” – Pastor Ibiyeomie Slams Yahoo Boys


David Ibiyeomie, the founder and Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, has urged youths to stop involving themselves in Internet fraud, as it is satanic, while also charging the Nigerian Police Force to stop collecting money from internet fraudsters, locally known as ‘yahoo boys’, and rather arrest them.

The cleric disclosed this in a sermon he posted on his official Instagram page.

 According to him, “Internet fraud must stop in Nigeria. Police, all those ‘yahoo boys’, jail them, arrest them. If you take bribes from ‘yahoo boy’, you policeman, that money will kill you. Do you know why?”

He noted, “They stole from somebody who died and you collected the money. Then you and your family will die with it. Police stop taking that kind of money but arrest them and jail them. It is blood money.”

 The cleric maintained, “It is a demonic satanic way of getting money. What kind of nonsense money is that? You are a thief. No matter how you colourise it, you’re a thief. You love stealing. Is it your money?” 

He stated that those buying cars with the money would be involved in accidents.

 He added, “All people doing ‘yahoo’, stop giving them chieftaincy titles. They are thieves. Why will you give a ‘yahoo’ person chieftaincy title? He’s a thief. Deal with them as armed robbers.”

He explained further that a lot of people that had been scammed by the so called yahoo boys, have died as a result of the shock, as their whole retirement benefits had been taken away.

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