Good Parenting Is The Solution To Ritual Killings – Alake


Following rising cases of ritual killings especially among youths across the country, the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, has reportedly submitted that parental negligence is one of the reasons the get-rich-quick syndrome is becoming rampant among youths.

 The Monarch reportedly made this known on Monday, at a press briefing on the 35th Lisabi Festival at the Ake Palace, Abeokuta.

 The Alake reportedly disclosed that the theme of the festival, ‘Youth inclusiveness: An emerging reality in socio-economic development of Egbaland’, is aimed at campaigning against illicit acquisition of wealth in the country.

He stated, “Another important reason for the choice of this year’s theme is the prevalent rush for illicit acquisition of wealth and ostentatious living prominent among our children and youths these days through various forms of vices such as ritual killings, kidnapping, human body parts and organs trafficking and merchandise, Internet fraud, drug deals and abuse.”

 The monarch remarked,  “The issue here is that charity begins at home. The school cannot teach children everything they need to know. Parents should train their children in such a way that they will not bring shame to their families.”

He added, “In those days, our parents taught us how to be good and trustworthy; that is how it should be. Children should be a source of happiness to us and society at large and not the other way round.”

He made it known, “We are insisting that our children should represent the best behaviour. As Yoruba, we know people who are very well brought up; please ensure that you bring up your children in the way that you will be proud of them and not that they will do something that you will be hiding your face.”



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