Golf: IBB Ladies fight to finish in Matchplay vs Men Pros

Nigerian Women players of IBB Ladies section battled professional male players last Thursday for the 2021 IBB Pros vs Ladies Matchplay.

The revived annual one-day golf tournament hosted at the IBB International Golf and Country Club marked a weekend of renewed contest against the male pros who’ve always gotten the better of the Ladies in previous editions.

Although the men took the grand prize, IBB Ladies did not make it an easy win for them, taking them all the way to the last play.

Lady Captain of IBB Ladies, MaryRose Richard-Obioha, led the Ladies to a spectacular win against her pro-opponent whom she beat hands down.

Despite losing to the Pros, IBB Ladies remain resilient in their quest to snatch the matchplay title from them, throwing in another challenge for a rematch which they boast will be a different result all together.

The rematch has been fixed for anytime between September and October in the year.

In other results, A Wilfred recorded 9-81-72 against R Danjuma’s 8-83-75 in the Division one.In the Divison two, J Ikwue won with a 26-108-82 record against P. Katchy’s 22-103-81.

In Division three, J Nwaeze recorded 31-102-71 against H.K Judy with 34-110-76.In the Veteran Ladies section, A Abimiku recorded 17-96-79.

Super Veteran Ladies: T.C Owuama, 32-120-88The top Pro played seven birdies to win the 350,000 Naira cash prize sponsored by Access Bank.

At the end of the contest between the Pros and the Ladies on a rainy July 1st, the two sides will team up to play the men section of IBB Club later in the year.

One of the Lady players commented: “We had fun and I enjoyed it. We didn’t win but enjoying the game is much more necessary whether you won.

“It is a good concept the Ladies playing against the Pro. Because we all had fun, we’ve decided to do it once more.”

One of the Pros commented, applauding IBB Ladies for reviving the Matchplay which was stopped at a point.

He said: “it is a great initiative to come and have fun with the Ladies section. A lot of ladies gave their best.

“This is not the first time we’re playing this but it stopped in between and now it has been revived.

“This brings life to the club and the jolly good fellow spirit among the Ladies section and the professional.”

Players from both the Ladies section and professionals are already looking to having more Matchplays two or three times in a year.

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