Fraudster Turns Himself in and Reports Accomplice

A Ghanaian internet fraudster has reported himself as well as his accomplice to the FBI over alleged internet fraud.

The Ghanian who said his name to be John Jacob in a video circulating Twitter could be heard talking over the phone with a female agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The fraudster stated that he made the call because of his partner’s refusal to pay him his due from a recent scam that they had pulled.

He identified his partner to be one Ruph Awuni who had been a childhood friend of his that had traveled to the United States and lived in Chicago.

He said the total of the scam was about 10 million USD and that 50% was his due which his partner had refused to pay.

When asked by the FBI agent on how he carried out his “work” he stated that he was supplied information by his partner on his targets who were unemployed US citizens which he would impersonate in order to register under the US benefit program for the unemployed and receive funds.

Further information of an arrest has not been reported by the Bureau as at the time of this publication.

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Festus Ezeifedi Chukwuemeka

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