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Four Ebola Deaths Confirmed in Guinea

The Minister of Health, Guinea, Remy Lamah has reportedly told AFP officials that four people have died of Ebola in Guinea.

The Head of The National Health Security Agency, Saki Keita to the media that one of the victims was reported to be a nurse who has been ill since late January and was buried on the 1st of February.

He added that eight people who attended the funeral began developing symptoms.

“Among those who took part in the burial, eight people showed symptoms: diarrhoea, vomiting and bleeding

“Three of them died and four others are in hospital.” The four deaths from Ebola hemorrhagic fever occurred in the southeast region of Nzerekore,” he stated.

Keita also explained that one of the patients had escaped but was later caught and returned to a hospital in Conakry the country’s capital.

Remy Lamah said that the new cases of the disease was a case of worry being that the last recordings of cases had been in 2016 and through out the disease breakout had left a total 11,300 people dead in the country.

WHO has been on treating recent outbreaks since 2016 in the Republic of Congo. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s chief had tweeted on Sunday that two cases has been confirmed in Guinea.

Guinea reported the new cases three months after the government had declared the end of the country’s latest breakout.

Wide spread vaccination has been able to curb the spread of the disease in Guinea.


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