FIFA Approves Maternity Leave For Women Footballers

FIFA has approved 14 weeks Maternity leave for women footballers according to the Federation’s President, Gianni Infantino.

Under the new rules, a player will be granted 14 weeks maternity leave and her club will be obliged to reintegrate her afterwards and provide adequate medical support.

“If we are serious about boosting the women’s game, we have to look at all these aspects,” Infantino told reporters.

While many players in Europe are already protected by employment law in their given countries, FIFA said its aim is to create “new global minimum standards” for female players, given the rapid emergence of new clubs and leagues around the world.

“Female players need to have stability in their careers and if they take maternity leave, they should not have to worry about when they are ready to play again.”

Infantino also said new rules would also be established to give greater stability to coaches.

“Coaches develop how we play and inspire the players, they too need job security and we have established minimum standards to protect them,” he added.

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