Family Search for Missing Fiancée in Kano

A state of hysteria and panic exists for the family of one Amina Gwani Danzarga, who was reported missing after her abduction on Friday, two days before her wedding by family members in Kano State.

Amina who was a resident of Koki quarters, Kano city, was last seen by family members in the late hours of Friday after leaving her home for the Federal College of Education, Kano were she studied and by a friend who she had visited at Dorayi Quarters to drop her exam card.

Her family after receiving two frightening messages from her number had concluded that she must have been abducted after she had left her friends residence.

“Hours after she was declared missing, we received two different text messages, the first one was a threat not to call the girl’s number again and the second one was sent to her younger brother requesting to put her in their prayers as the other lady who was allegedly kidnapped together had been killed.

“We have not received any message again as her number is not going through. We are only praying to Allah Almighty to reveal anyone that has a hand in this kidnapping.” her uncle, Gwani Yahuza Gwani Danzarga told Daily Trust.

Rumors circulating of it being a conspiracy by the “seemingly abducted” fiancee to get out of marrying her betrothed have been dismissed by both families.

Umar Hassan, fiance of the victim debunked the rumors stating that they were both in love with each other and we’re eager to get married.

“I know the type of lady Amina is; a calm and obedient girl. She cannot do anything contrary to our religion. We love each other and both of us are eager to witness our wedding day,” he said.

He further added that he was shocked and saddened when had been told of her abduction by her elder brother on Saturday after speaking to her the day before. He said they had both spoken on the preparations for their wedding before the call was disconnected due to poor network around the area.

Hajiya Hajar Anas, Aunt to Amina also revealed that her niece was in love with her fiance as she had been deeply involved in the wedding arrangements.

“She really loves her fiancé. Throughout last week, she was in my house for Gyaran Jikin (traditional body beautification). I took her to my neighbor who does Gyaran Jiki in Kofar Mazugal.

“You know a girl who doesn’t want the marriage or does not love the fiancé would not do it for marriage’s sake.” she said.

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