Ethnic Sentiment Must Go For Nigeria To Grow – Adefarasin

Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the Senior Pastor, House on the Rock Church, Lekki, Lagos has reportedly stated that for Nigeria to grow, citizens must let go of ethnic sentiment and learn to build together in spite of the cultural differences.

Disclosing this on Saturday, Adefarasin stated that, “For us to rise as a country, ethnic sentiments must go. We must build this into the educational curriculum and institutionalise a nationalist mindset. We must build the country together as long as there is justice and fair play to arbitrate our differences. It is not an overnight business; it is going to take some years.”

According to reports, Adefarasin revealed his plans to build a tech hub where STEAM  and STEM would be taught to all young people to make them tech-savvy in order to participate in the future of work and the global economy.

He disclosed that, “The property you are standing on would become a tech hub and an incubator to teach technology, engineering and mathematics because, without that, we would not participate in the new economy that is going to grow the wealth of the world. We must not be left behind. This would help to give equal opportunities to all Nigerians. Nigeria is a land of tremendous opportunities, we have wealth embedded in its soil and the resilience of Nigerians is also a huge asset that can compete in the world economy and in the world markets. We must educate our people.”

He noted that, “The FG only allocates a tiny amount of money – between one and three per cent – to education. We don’t think the government should do it all. The private and faith-based sectors must come together and find creative ways to not only challenge the government but to live by catalytic examples to ensure that we educate the people. If we don’t have human capital, we cannot industrialise. International politics is arranged in such a way that it does not want Nigeria to industrialise.”

He mantained that, “If we don’t industrialise, our naira will continue to devalue. We need to build a strong middle class, a strong artisan class. If this is not done, the country will become poorer, and that is what we do not need.”

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