Eid-el Fitr: Let Us Put Politics Aside, Pray For Buhari – Tinubu

Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress APC has reportedly urged Nigerians to be better than they were before the holy month of Ramadan.

He disclosed this in his 2021 Eid-il-Fitr Message titled, ‘Let Righteous Acts, Efforts of Ramadan Continue to Guide Our Actions’, also called on all Muslims and all Nigerians not to forget the lessons of the one-month fast.

According to his message, “Now that the holy month of Ramadan is ending, we must counsel ourselves not to forget its great lessons. We must be better than we were before. We must treat each other with more compassion and understanding”.

“We must build a better society free from want, violence and hatred. We must never condone and tolerate the works and words of those who would do evil or who would pit brother against brother, Nigerian against Nigerian.”

He added that, “Let us put politics aside and continue to pray to Almighty Allah for our country and all its people. Let us remember President Muhammadu Buhari and his government in our prayers that they may be given the requisite strength and wisdom to protect the nation, defeat the challenges that confront us and help establish Nigeria as a more prosperous and just land.”

He also made it known that, “Let us pray for our brave soldiers and security agents confronting insurgents and bandits. We must keep in close remembrance those whose lives have been lost to or impaired by either the violence of terrorism as well as to those who have been lost to or harmed by the global pandemic that is Covid-19.”

The APC chieftain also prayed that, “May we see an end to this disease and its consequences in no distant time. Not only must we pray for good things, we must also act in a better way.”

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