Eid-el Fitr: Buhari Ready To Deal With Bandits, Serving As Threat To Food Security

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that his regime will use all available resources to deal with bandits to ensure that they did not create havoc against access to farms and food production in the coming growing season.

He made this know on Thursday after observing the Eid-il-Fitri prayers at the State House in Abuja which marked the end of this year’s Ramadan fast.

According to a statement signed by the SSA to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, Buhari stated that “the law enforcement agencies are working hard to regain confidence against bandits so that we can go back to the land. This is very important. This is what the agencies are busy doing right now. We want people to go back to the land so that we can get enough food for the country and even export.”

He added that “With the resources and manpower available to us, we are working very hard. We are hoping Nigerians will understand the problem. Nigerians know at what stage we came in in 2015, what state we are today both on security and the economy and we are doing our best.”

He also said that “The elite should make the attempt to understand the military. If we order weapons and armored vehicles, it takes time for the manufacturers. It takes time to ship them, and when brought here eventually, they are taken to training institutions, train the trainers before sending them to the field. This is a very long process.”

He also urged Nigerians, “To be more understanding on the issues involved, looking at the time and available resources. For example, when we came in, in the Northeast, ask people in Adamawa and Borno States and the South-South in terms of security.”

Buhari made it known that, “Without security, you can’t do anything. Our big surprise and disappointment is what is happening in the Northwest and we are dealing with it.”

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