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Don’t Bring Religion Into The Constitution- CAN Warns Senate

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev Samson Ayokunle, has warned the Senate against bringing injunctions and practices of any of the religions in the country into the nation’s constitution as the Senate plan to review the 1999 constitution on June 1st.

He reportedly disclosed this at Bowen University, Iwo; Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso; and nine other theological institutions of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

According to him, “The amendment to the constitution is the way forward if the right things are done. If the public hearing is not just being done to fulfil all righteousness, if there is sincerity and if the lawmakers are ready and willing to take the contributions of the people seriously, then it will be beneficial to the people.”

He added that, “They must not be seen to be promoting ethnicity or religion in it. It should be done with sincerity and fairness to all. If Nigeria is a secular state, let the secularity be reflected in our constitution. We must do away with the dual-constitution that we are using now, where religious injunctions and practices are brought into the constitution.”

He also probed that, “The question is: how many religious injunctions and practices are you going to bring into the legal document? When you bring one and you neglect the others, you are still putting the nation on heat because it will continue to generate a crises.”

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