Doctors Should Spend 10 Years Before Travelling Outside Nigeria – Jack Obiyan

It has earlier been reported that doctors in Nigeria have been attending a job interview in Abuja, which would enable them to work as doctors in Saudi Arabia, as their working conditions are not being met by the government.

In reaction to this, business mogul and politician, Jack Obiyan, has made it known that, if he were to be the president, doctors would serve for at least 10 years before they can travel out of the country.

Disclosing this in a post on his official Facebook page, he stated that, “Nigeria will spend a fortune to train you to become a Doctor, something you will use a lifetime loan to acquire in Countries like the U.S, then the next thing you japa because there are certain conditions that aren’t met.”

He added that, “Meanwhile a whole lot (if not all) of you are earning via private consultancy and on the parallel earning from Government, something that is virtually impossible in the abroad.”

Obiyan disclosed that, “Buhari is too kind, if na me, you will serve Nigeria for at least 10years before you can leave. A Country inundated with “eating cakes and having it…” Mtcheeew! “

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