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Divorce And Separation Must Not Be Toxic And Bitter – Dancer Kaffy

Nigerian star dancer,  Kafayat Shafau, fondly called Kaffy, has made her separation from her husband, Joseph Ameh public, adding that divorce and separation must not be toxic or bitter.

Disclosing this in a podcast she shared on her Instagram page, she stated, “Marriage is supposed to be an alignment of destinies driving towards a place God wants for them. And mine didn’t really work out that way.”

She disclosed, “Rather than looking at somebody as the problem, sometimes you could be the problem of that person.”

She noted, “Being an enabler of someone’s not being able to do what they are supposed to do can also be that you’re not supposed to be in that space.”

She maintained, “So there was a lot to learn and there’s still a lot more to learn. Separation isn’t the end of life for both parties involved. In fact, if you both are honest about why you have to go apart, you will realise how much better life can be.”

She remarked, “Some people make it back, some don’t. What is ultimate is the outcome borne out of love!”


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