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Covid-19: Senate President Seeks Production Of Local Vaccine

Senate President, Ahmad Lawan has called for concerted efforts towards developing a Covid-19 vaccine locally.

He revealed that vaccine production has become a necessity for almost every country, adding that Nigeria should create an enabling environment and allocate resources for its production.

Making this known through the presentation of a report by the Young Parliamentarians Forum of the 9th National Assembly and supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy in Abuja on Wednesday, Lawan said:

“Today, the US is trying to ensure that no vaccine leaves its shores until it is able to vaccinate its citizens enough to provide herd immunity”. “The European Union is doing the same thing. India that produces quite a lot of vaccines with over one billion population is also stopping exports. Where does that leave us?”.

The Senate President added that, “Nigeria has the capacity in terms of human resources, even though we have lost most of our good ones to the developed world. But some of them are very patriotic”.

“They still want us to have our own vaccine developed, and this means we have to find resources for setting up the environment for our scientists to collaborate with international agencies as well as citizens who are now either holding dual citizenship in other countries or are simply our citizens who have gone for greener pastures”.

He made it known that, “For us to have our own vaccine, it is a must, it is a necessity, otherwise, Nigeria may not achieve herd immunity in the next four or five years with our over 200 million population. And this is not a fact based on any scientific research. I don’t want to be misquoted. I am assuming that if it would take the US up to probably the end of this year to achieve 70 to 75 per cent of vaccination for those that are within the age bracket, some developed countries may be looking at next year.”

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