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Covid-19: Market Leaders To Check Temperature Before Transactions – PTF

Following measure dished out by the Federal Government to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has informed the authorities of market places around the country to make the temperature of sellers and buyers are checked before any transaction.

 According to a report from The Punch newspaper, Mukhtar Muhammed, who is the PTF National Incident Manager had revealed this earlier today. 

Muhammed revealed that “We want economic activities to continue but this has to be in a regulated fashion where there won’t be increased risk for people transacting their businesses”

He further stressed that “We would want to see a market where before you enter the market, there is somebody stationed there to measure your body temperature. And if your temperature is above 38 degrees, you will be turned back and advised to seek assistance or linked directly to where you will have a test done. If your temperature is negative, then, they will also ensure that you have a face mask which is actually the first step – if you don’t have a face mask, you won’t be allowed to come near the gate of the market”.

The Incident Manager added that “We also envision to see where the market authorities themselves become responsible and ensure that all these measures are put in place and people that are not complying are quickly refuted or taken out of the market place”.

Addressing the role of the security agencies in curbing the pandemic, he said that, “We also want to see the law enforcement agencies working side by side with the necessary stakeholders –the association of the market regulators to ensure that these protocols are complied with. Not only the markets but all public places, the supermarkets, parks, event centres and so on and so forth.”

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