Covid-19 and Nigerian Businesses

In a country crippled by incompetent politicians, policies, and lack of basic social amenities, its a battle of a lifetime for anyone to survive not to talk of businesses. With a corporate tax rate at 30% linked with 6 weeks lockdown without any government relief program for businesses, people should expect scarcity and a higher cost of living.

It’s a shame that Africa’s most populous black nation, endowed with uncountable natural resources is still leaping. In a time when responsible governments are stretching hands to uplift their citizens and business, Nigeria politicians are using the same opportunity to enrich other countries through loathing of public funds.

Unfortunately, all Nigerians are at risk compare to other developing or even developed countries, since our hospitals both public and private lack basic and fundamental equipment to diagnose and treat any illness. A country where people die like flies due to a dilapidated health care system.

Covid-19 and Nigerian Businesses 15

The business community should be still and keep pushing forward because if they give up, Nigerians will suffer. We are also appealing to all banks to invest in the spirit of providing loans to worthy businesses not defined by relationships but on meritocracy. We can’t leave every single task for the government, it’s also our social and corporate responsibility to contribute and develop our country despise our government pitfalls.

For update on covid-19 cases in Nigeria visit NCDC

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