Corruption And Debts, Buhari’s Major Achievement -PDP


Following claims by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP was trying to sabotage President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements, the PDP has stated that the country only recorded retrogression under the regime.

Mohammed reportedly alleged that, “As you know, the folks on the other side have been doing everything in recent times to overheat the polity, distort the achievements of our administration, and spread misinformation.”

However, while reacting to this allegation on Monday night, the PDP spokesman, Hon. Debo Ologunagba, reportedly described the Minister as “another anthology of lies, false and bogus performance claims by the failed and rudderless All Progressives Congress administration.”

 He noted that, “It is ludicrous and insensitive that the APC government went to the media to list non-existence roads, bridges, agricultural and health projects as achievements. More pathetic is the APC’s attempt to claim credit for development projects initiated and implemented by successive PDP administrations including in our railways, aviation, agricultural, healthcare, education, telecommunications, banking, and manufacturing sectors among others.”

He posited that, “It is laughable that the APC government is also claiming credit for critical projects in various parts of the country which are being funded by resources mobilized by the PDP administrations under the framework of counterpart funding from International Partners and bodies.”

He maintained that, “The only legitimate achievements of the APC government include its corruption record (second most corrupt in West Africa and 154 out of 180 on Global Corruption Index), over 33 percent unemployment rate, a weakened currency at over N500 to a dollar, N33 trillion foreign debt and still counting and the siphoning of over N16 trillion by APC leaders.”

He remarked that, “The PDP cautions the APC to note that its continued arrogance in failure is daily confronting and reminding Nigerians of the statement made by one of its founding members, the late Prince Tony Momoh in April 2016 and the consequences are better imagined.”



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