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Corp Members To Benefit From NYSC Trust Fund – Reps


It has been reported that the House of Representatives Committee on Youth Development has made it known that the National Youth Service Corps Special Trust Fund will be laid next week.

This was reportedly disclosed by the Chairman of the committee, Yemi Adaramodu, when he visited the Orientation Camp of the NYSC in Kaduna State.

 According to him, “It is very good that we are here today and I am very happy that the crop of corps members that are here today are going to benefit and enjoy part of those things that the National Assembly is putting up to benefit Nigerian youths, especially corps members who are young adults, graduating from Nigerian universities – even from abroad.”

He disclosed, “About two weeks ago, you might have read or heard about it that we are proposing and we have even gone to the extent of first reading, second reading and public hearing of the NYSC Trust Fund.”

He noted, “During the public hearing, the DG of NYSC was there; we allowed corps members to present papers and memos, and your representative there spoke very well. That person represented Nigerian corps members so seriously that I was very amazed.”

BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHe explained, “The meaning (objective) of that Trust Fund is that…when you are graduating or exiting NYSC (scheme), you can access funds which can make you stand on your own. If you want to establish (a business), the fund is there from the NYSC, right from (orientation) camp.”

He indicated, “Not that you will leave NYSC and start scampering (for capita) or applying (for jobs); it is when you are in NYSC that you are going to show that when you leave the camp, you want to set up a clinic as a medical doctor, or pharmacy as a pharmacist, and this is what you want. Then, the NYSC will give you the tools to go out there and establish yourself.”

 Adaramodu reportedly posited that Nigeria is trying to make sure that youths are useful to themselves, their families and the nation as a whole, adding that, “That is the reason for pushing for the NYSC Trust Fund. By the grace of God, before you get to that level, that Trust Fund must have been a reality.”

 He remarked that, “By next week, the report will be laid at the National Assembly. Then, expeditiously, it is going to be passed and signed into law. By then, you will be proud of serving your fatherland.”



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