CAN Says Military Women Can Wear Hijab, If It Deflects Bullet

There has been controversies on the use of hijab in mission schools in Kwara State, and this has also sprouted out in the military.

According to reports, the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN says the Armed Forces and para-military organisations in the country can permit female officers to wear hijab, if it will shield them from bullets at the battlefield.

CAN General Secretary Joseph Daramola, revealed this in an exclusive interview, while reacting to a pending  bill before the House of Representatives which seeks to compel military organisations to permit female officers to wear hijab.

The bill  which was reportedly sponsored by the Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Finance and Member representing Bida/Gbako/Katcha Federal Constituency, Saidu Abdullahi, read that ‘Discrimination in employment in security and other sectors,’ prohibits the military from discriminating against anyone wearing a hijab.

Daramola made it known that, “If they like they can wear skirt or agbada (flowing gown). If you go to Afghanistan, their military women wear hijab. That is not an issue. If hijab will help them deflect bullets at the battlefield, let them wear it, if that is what they want. Let us not worry ourselves about unnecessary matters”.

CAN also probed that, “To what extent does this controversial bill seek to promote peace, order and good governance? Has dress code become part of the Exclusive Legislative List?”.

The body stressed that, “While the citizens are expecting the National Assembly to make laws that will address the lopsided appointments, insecurity, unemployment and economic predicament, our lawmakers are interested in making laws that seek to promote one religion. This is totally unacceptable in a country with multiple religions”.

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