Blood in the Land- the Lekki Massacre 20-10-20

Dem murdered our brothers and sisters in cold blood.
Dem murdered our brothers and sisters in cold blood. Dem wants to mute us, erase us and forget us.

They were armed…With The Nigerian Flag. A symbol they passionately believed in, even when they have been grossly dissatisfied by those principally charged with the responsibility of upholding this flag.

They Sang war songs… The Nigerian National Anthem: ‘Arise Oh Compatriots. Nigeria’s Call Obey’. They have been sleeping for so long and the country has been plundered by those who swore to Serve. Alas, they are awake and are asking that their employees do the work they signed up for.

They defied a curfew… Or was it time yet? Who even goes to sleep when his house is on fire. Let us have this discussion once and for all, they demanded. It was Long Overdue. 

In their thoughts, they were engaging people that should be honourable. Have we not shown responsibility all this while? they reasoned. Heck!, We even cleaned up the surroundings and made sure we looked out for one another for as long as this had lasted. We shared our food and made ourselves happy. We shelved our differences and pursued our common goal with a clear focus. We didn’t need any leader to be this organized. They knew all of this and we were almost certain they would reciprocate our civility. How wrong we were!

Then the lights went off. The Neon signs faded into ominous darkness. They were sure no eyes were watching as they had taken care of prying eyes earlier in the day. They had their orders and it doesn’t matter what was right or wrong. They were merchants from Hell and they had their goods in full…

For nearly 30 evil minutes, The National Anthem was replaced with the clappings of their sophisticated weapons…bullets were flying like mosquitoes, and the cries of young men and women who have been caught in the crossfire. Blood splashed across the flags as young bodies collected Lead that turned them cold. Yes, they opened fire on Unarmed Nigerian Citizens! Security forces opened fire on those they were meant to defend…

‘Dem leave Sorrow Tears and Blood: Dem regular trademarks’ – Fela

Written by Bethel Egbujor (Owerri, IMO State) and edited by Chamberline

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chamberline Chinaka

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