BBNaija Reunion: Dorothy Accuses Ozo Of Backbiting

Following the BBNaija season 5 reunion show that started on the 17th of June, it has been reported that Dorothy has accused Ozo of backbiting and that was what strained the relationship between the duo.

It can be recalled that during the reality show, some viewers admitted that Dorothy had amorous feelings towards Ozo, whereas Ozo’s eyes were on Nengi.

According to Dorothy, “Everybody think I had feelings for him when he knew that I liked Prince at that time. I did not have any feelings for Ozo and I do not know where all of this is coming from; maybe because of the kind of person that I am.”

She added that, “I am very open; when you give me a lot of attention, I will be there. He was my friend at that time; he comes to me to tell me things, and as my friend, I stand by him. It seemed to affect my relationship with Nengi because my friend comes to tell me something about a person and I was like, ‘what’s wrong with this babe?”

Dorothy also disclosed that, “He put me in a bad position because coming outside, I started seeing a lot of stories. I remember talking to him and I told him I feel he is the one playing the game between us. That is one of the reasons why I don’t talk to him.”

“You come to me, tell me things; I talk to you and you go back to tell Nengi. Is that what friendship is? You bring your problems to me; I talk to you about it and you go back to tell the person. Do you know how hurtful that is?”, She added.

Meanwhile, Ozo, responded by accusing Dorathy of cooking up things in Nengi’s head.

Ozo reportedly stated that,  “I know I mentioned the part where Dora put me up for eviction, but I didn’t even see that as an issue. I did see you (Dorathy) as my friend and you are talking to a girl that I liked the whole time that I was in the house.”

“In the conversation, you were like ‘you do not even know what he is doing and all that’. You were putting things in the girl’s head,” he added.

Nengi while airing her own view stated that, “I was watching the clips and I saw where Dorathy said things like ‘Nengi is an attention-seeking b*tch. Anything I do, she is trying to do.”

She added that, “A lot of hurtful stuff that she said and I never said anything bad about her because I did not have any issues with her. I still used to eat her food and do everything with her. I felt like we were good. But that was then.”

She also stressed that, “I also feel like Ozo played a part and I have told him before now. You cannot go and be saying bad about the person you are with to another person. If my sister or best friend comes and keeps saying bad about a particular person, I would definitely feel some type of way. And I told him that he was part of the reason why Dorathy and I fell out.”

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