APC Will Lead Nigeria To Manifest Destiny – Osinbajo


Following the All Progressive Congress APC convention that was held on Saturday in Abuja, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has stated that APC will keep building a country that all citizens will be proud of.

According to reports, Osinbajo disclosed this on Saturday night at the convention, while delivering his remarks.

According to him, “We will continue undaunted in the task of building infrastructure that will be the foundation of the great modern economy of our dreams. We will continue in the task of building a strong, united, fair, and just Nigeria; a Nigeria where every young man and woman can find opportunities to work and prosper.”

He noted, “The new leaders of the party should focus on the objective of taking 100 million out of poverty in this decade, as promised by this government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.”

He added, “We will not relent; we will not look back and we will not falter. And by the grace of God, this party, our party, the All Progressives Congress, will in the coming decades lead Nigeria and its great peoples to its manifest destiny.”

   Osinbajo remarked, “The years of building are always difficult, and sometimes, painful. The building of a great edifice requires deep roots into ground and a foundation as deep sometimes into the ground as the grand edifice that it will support.”

He affirmed, “We cannot deny the difficulties we as a party, and the government, and indeed our people have been through. We have had to tackle terrorist activities, insurgency and security challenges in parts of the country.”

He however stated, “But our people have remained steadfast, resilient and determined to see the Nigeria of our dreams. And our government has also remained steadfast, determined, committed and focused.”



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