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Anambra State Commissioner, Dr Christian Madubuko resigns

Anambra State Commissioner for Art, Culture and Tourism, Dr Christian Madubuko has resigned with claims of threat stemming from within the State Government; and Willie Obiano not being in charge of the state.

His resignation was on Dec 11, 2020. This is an extract of his resignation notice:

1) My dear colleagues, l wish to officially notify you of my resignation. I have on the 11th of December 2020 resigned my position as Commissioner.

2) When l was appointed Commissioner in 2018, the Governor directed me to block all revenue leakages. That l did without looking at faces. All manners of frivolous petitions against me were written to the Governor accusing me of several misdeeds particularly destabilising our party, APGA and advising the Governor to remove me before l do more harm to the party.

3) In several occasions, agents of darkness tried bribing me with millions of the naira. I arrested these criminals which were also applauded by the Governor at the exco meetings. Within these three years, l have been redeployed to three key ministries in the State as Commissioner. First, was as Commissioner for Industry, Trade and Commerce. Second, was as Commissioner for Road, Rail and Water Transportation and finally as Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Indigenous Artworks, Culture and Tourism. In those Ministries, l performed above average.

4)With all these happenings, it became clear that when you fight corruption, corruption fights back in several forms. I now understand clearly why Nigeria (nay Africa) can never develop like Europe. I came down from Australia to help in developing our state just like some of you were invited from different parts of the globe. True to my belief, l worked tirelessly to actualize that dream. In working to meet the target, we set – up Mobile Courts and jailed several revenue thieves and significantly raised the State revenue which was applauded by the Governor at various EXCO Meetings.

5) I fought various parasitic interests and jailed many of them. I stepped on toes risking my own life for the survival of the State. Those toes l stepped on are now in the prowl for my life. I am no longer safe as l speak. In three different occasions, l received the baptism of fire by unknown gunmen/assassins. I was equally attacked severally at the Onitsha Main Market by the agents of the revenue criminals. All these attempts were to stop me from exposing the people involved in siphoning the State revenues into their private pockets to the detriments of the Anambra citizens. I am particularly happy that the Governor acknowledged my positive and selfless contributions to the point of putting my own life on the line in the process of executing my assignments.

6) I recalled the Governor phoning me together with his wife around 3 am during the pandemic drama requesting me to have a rest. The Covid Saga provides an example of how bad our system has become. All our efforts to help the Governor from all angles were unfortunately hijacked and framed in the bad light by forces of inordinate ambitions and insatiable greeds. I watched my State being destroyed by a tiny cabal of renegades.

7) I advise His Excellency, to rise up to the challenges of leadership and take charge of his Government. This is because, at the end of it all, the Governor takes blames for things done wrong.

8) In summary, l have balanced all and brought all to mind and decided to leave, effective 11:59pm 31st December 2020.

Once again, thank you all and remain blessed. We shall meet again in higher echelon. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of us.

Christian C. Madubuko, PhD.

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Festus Ezeifedi Chukwuemeka

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