Adamawa State Sets To Stop Cow Sale To Lagos

The Adamawa State Government has reportedly made it known that it would enforce a ban on the sale of cattle by middlemen, especially to Lagos State, to stop revenue leakages.

This was reportedly disclosed by Bashir Ahmad, the Secretary to the State Government.

Bashir made it known that, “What we collect as revenue per head of cattle is far lower than what’s been collected along the road to the point of sale.”

The SSG noted “People take cattle from Mubi market here, move it to Lagos, along the road, they pay nothing less than N5,000 per head in like, five revenue collection points.”

He maintained that, “By the time they get to Lagos and sell it, another N10,000 per head is paid just for the cow to be slaughtered, while in Adamawa where the cow originated we’re left with about N300 to N500 revenue per head.”



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