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Actress Rahama Sadau Broke Silence

Actress Rahama Sadau says news about her being sentenced to death by the Sharia Court is fake.

Reports had been going around for like two days now about a Northern actress from Kaduna, who is to face the death penalty from the Sharia Court for wearing a backless dress.

Local and international news has reported, that the Kaduna born actress was to face the wrath of the Sharia law for wearing a backless dress.


A petition was even shown by a law firm called Mal. Lawal Moh’d Gusau requesting that her lawyer must be a Muslim by faith and that the police officers should convey her to the Islamic Sharia Court.

Actress Rahama Sadau Broke Silence 15

However, the actress had come on air this evening to say that all those news were fake and that she has not received any court order to appear before any Court. She as well appealed to people to stop spreading fake news about her.

“I am SAFE and FINE and i have never received any legal trial for whatever reason”, she tweeted.

Bashir Ahmad the personal assistant on News media to President Buhari has also made it clear that the news is fake and that the Nigerian Police Force did not arrest Rahama Sadau or anyone else.

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