A Country in Pain

I was taught that the USA is the most prominent country in the world. I read about it, saw their pioneers, strive, the justice system, law, heroism and so much more. They were a sanctimonious country, feared, respected, heard and followed.

Their history defines the present and their culture, education, law and democratic system stood out and inspires other nations. Every country on earth wants to be like the USA and virtually every individual strive to travel to the states because they were a country of Freedom, transparency, Law and Order, Democracy, a country of hope and dreams.

A nation of laws turned into a nation of turmoil, war, control and coercion. Their citizens stood up in rage and elected a businessman to refine and manage the dying country.

2016 ushered in President Trump, a celeb and a businessman who came with outstanding ideas and policies. His first two years was a game of chess and chicken. The swamp enveloped his administration with a series of leaks and seeds of discord and disintegration.

Just as the people thought, he learned how to fight back, unveil the true colour of the mainstream media, political hypocrites, political correctness, warmongers and the swamp. He escorted in radical but common-sense policies to strengthen the country within, they labelled him hideous names and vomits at the mention of his name but that exclusively fuel his base.

His policies, actions and presidency will be remembered in history as one of the most renowned. While he was administering, they were plotting to oust him out by all means necessary.

Then came the 2020 presidential election, the eye-opener. I used to believed that the USA is infallible, damn it, they were cooked. They didn’t care if the world was watching, neither did they care whose ox is gored. It was “the Most Dirtiest Politics” in the history of the world. Even the most corrupt nations or third world countries learned and mastered “The Art Of Election Irregularities” from this single election.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely. The swamp with their media pals wanted power vigorously and sure they did and damn the consequences. They willingly demolished world best democracy and ruined their country rather than give the man a second term.

Our leaders, Sorry our Politicians, I mean African leaders have discovered how to win an election without campaigning. It’s simple and easy… Just inform your media pals, not to mention any negative statement about you, direct your social media hommies to Fact check and block any Account with a negative publication about you and finally get voting machines and let your buddies with Admin right flip any county or state on your command. Now when we complain of election integrity they will easily reference the USA. If they can do it why shouldn’t we?

Less I forget, mail in ballots from dead people. After all in Nigeria Snakes swallowed money… It won’t be a news if crocodiles cast votes or swallow ballot boxes and vomit results. #Swagger


About the author

John Uzuegbu

Creative writing is not just my hobby but part of my existence. I am a born writer and when I drop a stroke, it causes an earthquake.

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