2023: APC Has Ruined Nigeria – Saraki


Bukola Saraki, a former Senate President, has stated that the  All Progressives Congress, APC, is a party full of deceit, adding that the party has ruined Nigeria.

Saraki reportedly made this known in Bauchi, on Monday, when his Presidential Campaign Council visited stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP for consultation at the party secretariat.

 Saraki stated, “e are here to address Bauchi State delegates who have worked so hard. Bauchi State was an APC state that quickly saw the handwriting on the wall that the APC, since 2015, has been a government of deceit and that is why Bauchi State quickly flipped back to the PDP.”

He made it known, “We are here to tell our people that the PDP should get ready to take over power next year. We are a highly organised party, there’s no party as organised as the PDP in the country.”

Saraki noted, “Therefore, we want our party to get ready to take over government. We do not want to go through what happened when the APC won accidentally in 2015 and they were not prepared and they started denying that they did not say the President will do 100 things in 100 days and many more.”

He maintained, “At the end, they denied everything, and for the past seven years, we’ve been living in a government of total deceit. The APC has ruined Nigeria. Nobody is happy today and the worst thing about the matter is that when the citizens are not happy and they complain, the APC government blames the victim and tells them that they are the ones trying to create trouble.”

He added, “Seven years down the line, they are still blaming the PDP and yet, they cannot ever equal the progress that the PDP has made.”

Saraki also said, “In 1999, to state that Nigeria was prepared to go everywhere to find the right candidate who was right to unite the country, that was why the PDP went to prison and brought out ex-President (Olusegun) Obasanjo. It is that same doctrine of necessity that the PDP pulled ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and handed over the reins of power to him after Yar’adua died.”

He remarked, “Today, that doctrine of necessity has become very important because never has this country been in this chaotic mood. Nigeria is in chaos. The PDP that is to take over cannot do that in confusion, the party is reading the mood of the nation. And the mood of the nation is that Nigerians do not want a northern or a southern president. Nigeria wants a competent president who will unite the country.”

Saraki concluded, “Nigeria wants a president who will prevent them from being killed in their homes. He further urged Nigerians to choose a leader that will rebuild the nation’s universities, that will make fuel available and ensure constant electricity for an improved economy.”


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