2023: APC And PDP Are Just Business Ventures – Prof. Labdo


In preparation for the 2023 general elections, Prof. Umar Labdo has reportedly made it known that both the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP are just business ventures.

  The Prof of the Faculty of Humanities, Maitama Sule University, Kano (formerly North-West University), made an outcry that the two dominant parties lacked meaningful manifestos to improve the lot of the common man.

According to him, “APC and PDP, as far as I am concerned, are two sides of the same coin and I have reasons to believe that this is what many of my fellow Kano compatriots think.”

He noted, ‘’The two parties lack real meaningful manifestos or programmes aimed at improving the lot of the people and are, therefore, no better than business ventures.”

He added, “This is evidenced by the frequent defection by members of both parties. The current crisis between the two factions of Ganduje and Ibrahim Shekarau is not a result of ideological differences or adherence to any principle. Therefore, the possibility of reconciliation between the two factions is real, but it may not affect the course of politics in the state.’’

 He noted, “We used to have politics of service in Kano, service to the people and the common man. This is why our politics was known as the politics of Talakawa. Prior to the coming of the Europeans, Kano was known for its radicalism in politics and for its strong pro-people activism.”

He made it known, ‘’This trend had its genesis in the political thought of Abdullahi Dan Fodiyo, the most radical of the Sokoto jihad leaders. Abdullahi broke away from the Sokoto jihad during the revolution under the leadership of his brother, Usman Dan Fodio when he felt that the Jihad movement leaders were deviating from its original principles and objectives.’’



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