2023: Any Northerner Eyeing Presidential Seat Doesn’t Love Nigeria – CAC President

In preparation for the coming 2023 general elections, it has been reported that the President of the Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria and overseas, Pastor Samuel Oladele, has stated that anybody from the north who is planning to contest for the presidency does not love the country.

According to reports, he disclosed this during a press conference held at the Ikeja Arakeji branch of the church during the week.

Oladele reportedly stated that, “Presidency should rotate between the north and the south. That’s not a perfect arrangement either, because when you talk about the north, it is not one. The South is also not one either. To allow for peace to reign in this country, I want to say that anybody among the Northerners, hitching towards clinching the presidency again in 2023, after General Buhari does not love this country.”

He made it known that, “No matter what, the South is not in short supply of good leaders. For the North to have occupied the seat for eight years and now saying it should go back there again is not going to help this country at all.”

He added that, “Zoning or rotation is the best thing for a country like ours. If anybody from the north says he is going to contest for that presidency again in 2023, that person doesn’t love this country at all. What has been helping us is the rotation of the presidency.”

He reportedly disclosed that it seemed like God may be using the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, as punishment to all Nigerians, while expressing how disappointed he was at the president’s performance, having voted for him in 2011 and basked in joy with the news that he had won the elections.

The clergyman revealed that, “I persuaded some friends to vote for him. I voted for him in 2011 when he didn’t win. In 2015 when he won, I wasn’t in the country. When we received the news that President Jonathan had conceded victory to him, we all shouted and jumped for joy. But he has disappointed everybody who once loved and admired him because what is happening in Nigeria today defies logic.”

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